Apple releases iOS 13.4 Beta 2

Apple has released the second beta of iOS/iPadOS 13.4 to developers and testers in the public beta program. The update was released yesterday to developers.

iOS 13.4 is the final major update to iOS 13, and comes with a lot of changes – CarKey API, iCloud folder sharing, combined purchases on iPad, iPhone and Mac along with lots more. This beta is much smaller, with Apple working on improving and refining the features introduced previously.

One confirmed change is the Mail toolbar, which has been further tweaked. In the first beta, Apple added a further two buttons and made the toolbar similar to what was included in iOS 12. The buttons have been rearranged yet again, and actions slightly changed.

Apple is expected to release iOS 13.4 to the public by the start of April, likely nearing the end of March (not confirmed – just speculation).

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