Valve drops SteamVR support on macOS

In 2017, Apple’s Craig Federighi announced that SteamVR would be coming to the Mac. They later updated Metal, making it better for low latency VR rendering and even worked with Unity. In 2018, Apple added support for the HTC Vive Pro.

Now, Valve, developers of SteamVR, has announced the end of support for the platform on macOS. This is seemingly due to the lackluster number of people using it, with less than 4% recorded in Valve’s Hardware Survey. Compared to 95% on Windows, and that 1% of people use a VR headset, it’s a move that makes sense from a development perspective.

Valve says it will continue to support and work on SteamVR development with Windows and Linux. They also suggest that macOS users install Windows 10 as a secondary operating system to continue using SteamVR, or install a legacy version.

It’s been thought for years now that Apple will develop a VR headset and evidence has previously been found in software code.

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